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Austin, Texas, March 22, 2012

Dyke Publishing Announces Affiliation with Speaking Group Targeting Aging and Seniors’ Issues

Dyke Publishing has announced that Tom Dyke, author of Mama Moves In, has joined a speaking group for aging parents and seniors’ issues. The group addresses church congregations and civic groups about elder care, wills, trusts, end-of-life directives, powers-of-attorney, Medicare supplemental insurance, and benefits of cremation services.

March 1, 2012

Dyke Publishing Offers Database Education Program for Eldercare Caregivers

Research indicates nearly 80% of eldercare caregivers do not know what a database is or how to use one. Dyke Publishing has published a complimentary and concise online tutorial about databases and how to use them.

January 25, 2012

American Family Association Gives Dyke Publishing Company First Listing as Caregivers Resource in February 2012 Journal

Dyke Publishing Company is the first listed “Resource for Caregivers” as part of Randall Murphree’s article, “Heroes at Home” in the February 2012 edition of the American Family Association Journal (10 afaJournal February 2012). The American Family Association is a non-profit association that promotes conservative Christian values using the AFA Journal and 200 radio stations across the US. Dyke Publishing’s elder care book, Mama Moves In, is the named resource along with tips written by the author, Tom Dyke, about caregiving.

December 15, 2011

Dyke Publishing Adds Real-Time Elder Care News to Press Room

Dyke Publishing Company has teamed with Google to add streaming elder care industry news to its press room at With the advent of “cloud technology” Dyke Publishing applies search criteria to screen world news for releases about families with aging parents and the elder care industry. All relevant up-to-the-moment news is displayed as revolving news clips running as headers in the company’s news room. Viewers need only click on a news item of interest to get and read the full story instantly.

December 8, 2011

Dyke Publishing Company Offers Elder Care Book at Pflugerville, TX Health Fair

Austin, Texas

Dyke Publishing Company will participate in the Pflugerville, TX Health Fair on Saturday, December 10, 2011 from 10:00AM to 2:00 PM. Tom Dyke, the publishing company’s principal and author of Mama Moves In, will be available to discuss the primary facets of elder care: assessing, deciding, preparing and coping. Dyke will be offering insight and advice to families with aging parents.


December 6, 2011

Dyke Publishing Company Revolutionizes Help for Families with Aging Parents

Austin, Texas

Dyke Publishing Company has revolutionized the elder care book business with the power of online databases. The publisher added online database access to a recent release, Mama Moves In. The book and databases help families with aging parents assess, decide, prepare and cope. The online databases provide time-savings and easy access to real-time information and products necessary for elder care.

June 29, 2011

Austin Executives Association Invites Tom Dyke to Address Monthly Luncheon--Care For Elderly Parents

Austin, Texas

Tom Dyke will address the Austin Executives Club’s monthly luncheon, July 13, 2011 at the Westwood Country Club, Austin, Texas. Presentation is: Help for Elderly Parents--Our home/Rest home? How to Assess, Decide, Prepare and Cope.

May 17, 2011

What Do We Do with Our Aging Parents? Our Home or the Rest Home? 

Over 70,000,000 Americans face the challenge of their lives: how to assess, decide, prepare and cope with elder care for their aging parents. Mama Moves In and the Research Pro databases answer the questions, provide information and give direction.


March 8, 2011

Elder Care Super Niche Opens to Life Coaches—Over 100 Million Prospective Clients

August 10, 2010

Author Combines Mama Moves In in Traditional Print with Online ResearchPro Databases to Deliver Always-Current Elder Care Package

July 21, 2010

Health Care Professionals Declare Support for In-Home Elder Care Book Mama Moves In and On-line Information and Product Research Tools

June 16, 2010

Predicted Shortfall of 20,000 Geriatrics Doctors Causes Alarm for Aging, Elderly and Baby Boomers--New Health Care Law Exacerbates Doctor Deficit--Demands Attention

Dyke Publishing Announces Payment Options from PayPal and Amazon and Delivery by the USPS Customers May Use Any of Their Existing Payment Options at PayPal

March 27, 2010

Tom Dyke Becomes Boomer Trivia Champion on Boomer Nation! 860WGUL Radio Talk Show in Tampa Bay

Tom Dyke Becomes Boomer Trivia Champion on Boomer Nation! 860WGUL Radio Talk Show in Tampa Bay

March 22, 2010

New Elder Care Internet Research Tools for Information and Products from Dyke Publishing Company

March 16, 2010

Baby Boomers' Greatest Challenge: Eldercare for Their Aging and Elderly Parents--Mama Moves In and Research CD Save the Day

Mama Moves In is a dress rehearsal for in-home elder care for aging and elderly parents. The companion Research CD gives quick and easy access to elder care products and information which is organized, database-controlled and internet-resourced., so the search results are always current. Release date: March 16, 2010.

What healthcare professional, Irene Broussard, R.N., CRNA says about Mama Moves In and the Research CD, "The right tools in the right place at the right time."


Austin, TX (PRWEB) March 16, 2010 -- Whether the motivation to move an aging or elderly parent into a Baby Boomer's home is economics, love or both, the challenges are the same—how to prepare for and manage elder care for an aging parent in a Baby Boomer's home.

The effects of the Baby Boomers' generation have moved through society like a swallowed pig through an Anaconda. First it was pediatricians and diapers, then grade schools and high schools, then autos and homes and so on. But now that those same Boomers are getting ready for retirement a sobering challenge confronts them.


Baby Boomers are facing the greatest challenge of their generation--what to do with their aging parents. Click here. And there are over 70,000,000 Boomers with millions of parents who need elder care—now!

As the economy turns down, Baby Boomers are left with fewer and fewer good choices. The Boomers share of society’s income and assets shrinks as the economy shrinks. There will be less income and fewer assets to allocate to elder care for the Baby Boomers’ aging parents. Regardless, soon it will be, “my home or the rest home,” for an elderly parent.

Many Boomers will conclude that the rest-home facilities that Medicare will cover are not desireable for an aging parent. Other Boomers might insist that aging parents belong in a Boomer's home. But economics could make the Boomers’ decisions. For more about the economy and elder care, Click Here.

How can Baby Boomers prepare to give in-home elder care for an aging and elderly parent? Mama Moves In and the companion Research CD, "are the right tools in the right place at the right time," according to Irene Broussard, R.R., CRNA. The book, Mama Moves In, is a dress rehearsal for elder care in a Baby Boomer's home based on 5 ½ years of elder care experience in the author's home. To read what the professionals have to say, Click Here.

With the state of the economy, options are getting more limited. The Boomers have to explore in-home elder care for elderly and aging parents,, and there is a dearth of written and digital information designed to assist with in-home elder care. The books have not been written, and there are no organized research tools other than the search engines. Searches using any of today’s powerful search engines result in thousands and thousands of “hits.” And it takes time to wade through the “hits” to glean the information needed at the moment.

InformationResearchPro and ProductResearchPro on the Research CD provide quick and easy access to both elder care information and elder care products, respectively.

The elder care information in ResearchPro comes from elder care professionals—doctors, nurses and other elder care professionals as well as federal and state governments. What Boomers need to know from Alzheimer’s and Dementia to Drugs and Drug Plan Benefits to Medicaid and Medicare to Safety and Social Security Benefits to Wills & Trusts is available quickly and easily with a few clicks of a mouse. InformationResearchPro organizes over 150 categories of elder care information. Boomers can find all of the elder care information needed.

Boomers can shop for hundreds and hundreds of elder care products for aging parents--products that save time for the elder care provider and make life easier for the aging parent. ProductResearchPro organizes products into categories that can be searched quickly and easily. And this includes drugs for the elderly. Boomers can shop, compare prices and buy for front-door delivery.

For more information about Mama Moves In and the Research CD, Click Here.


March 8, 2010


UK Event Challenges Us To Do Better For Seniors

March 8, 2010

Ensuring that elderly people have access to medical and social support, the use of new technologies to make it easier for them to live independent lives and helping the elderly to stay active within society are issues that will be discussed during the Economic and Social Research Council's Festival of Social Science, taking place in the UK from March 12 through 21 March with over 130 events in over 40 cities across the country. Aimed at a range of different audiences, including policy makers, business, the media, the general public and students of all ages, the events include traditional lectures and exhibitions to theatrical performances, film screenings and topical debates. Among the topics to be addressed are the loneliness and lack of independence for many older people. New technologies have enormous potential to help elderly people live independently. However, many are not aware of the benefits, do not know how to use and engage with digital technologies or simply don't feel confident enough to use it. At “Improving everyday life: getting connected to public services,” older people will talk about their personal experiences with digital technologies and their applications and how these helped them be less isolated and more independent. IT taster sessions will be offered to the elderly to encourage them to explore new technologies, and local service providers will demonstrate how their services can be accessed and requested online. For many older people, quality of life is affected by poor health. Currently there are 800,000 people with dementia in the UK, the most common being Alzheimer's disease. Behind these facts and figures, say event organizers, are individuals and families learning to live with the condition and get on with their lives. Stereotypes about people are however often negative and disabling. At the event “Dementia: don't fear it” two people with dementia who are active campaigners will speak about their experiences and views. Images and interviews from an ongoing research project on how and why some people with dementia become campaigners or change agents will stimulate a debate with a Q & A session. Another issue that will be broached is the media’s role in shaping people's attitudes. The way older people are portrayed in the media influence the way people think about them and the way we think about ourselves. But what do we really think about ageism? The European Social Survey (ESS) database collects and stores information on the social attitudes of thousands of residents across Europe. “What do the British think about…Ageism, Welfare and Political Institutions” is an event aimed at journalists. It will demonstrate the range of data freely accessible through the ESS database and explain how to access and use it. Data on individual states as well as comparative data can be quickly and easily gathered. By better understanding social science data, hopefully stereotypes will be challenged. To find out where these and all festival events are taking place, visit

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